Kucinich Failures on Crime Coming Back to Haunt Him

Kucinich Record on Crime, Scandals, Coming Back to Haunt Him in Mayor’s Race

Now that early voting has begun, the race to become Cleveland’s next Mayor is heating up. Seven candidates are vying to replace Frank Jackson, the longest serving Mayor in Cleveland history, who opted not to run for a fifth term.

Dennis Kucinich, who was elected mayor 44 years ago, emerged as an early frontrunner, but as the reality of a second Kucinich administration has begun to dawn on the city, Kucinich’s troubled time as mayor for just two years in the 1970’s may be coming back to haunt him.

A new website, clevelandsworstmayor.com, has been launched by Kucinich’s opponents, and it is causing quite a stir on social media. Among the more shocking revelations on the site, all of which is backed up by documented reporting from the 1970s and 1980s, is that the murder rate went up during Kucinich’s time as mayor, and his relationship with the police was very toxic.

Better known was that the city went into default under Kucinich’s reign, and the city could not even make its own payroll.

Apparently, even basic services like snow removal were substandard.

Adding to these crucial issues is another section of the website which documents some bizarre incidents from Kucinich’s past, such as when he sued the U.S. Congress for $150,000 for biting an olive pit, or when he communicated with a UFO he claimed to have seen.

But perhaps the most devastating part of this site is a section that documents the promises that Kucinich made and broke when he ran for mayor last time. Because Kucinich is making many of these identical promises this time- on safety, services, electric rates- this criticism may help to undermine the credibility of his campaign this time around.

In the run-up to the September 14th mayoral primary, all of these past scandals swirling around Kucinich’s campaign couldn’t come out at a worse time for the former mayor.

Whether the clevelandsworstmayor.com website actually gets enough viewers remains to be seen. But given its popularity so far on social media, it seems to have emerged as a real factor in this campaign.