He said what?? Mayor Jackson drops a BOMB on Issue 24, "tragedy pimps"

Love him or hate him, no one can deny that in his final months as Mayor of Cleveland, Frank Jackson is taking the gloves off and taking no prisoners.

In a no-holds barred interview on The Outlaws Radio Show, Mayor Jackson, just days after his own grandson was murdered, lashed out at those he sees as trying to exploit black tragedies to serve their own political agendas- especially those campaigning for Issue 24.

"This issue of defunding the police...you can't ask to address violent crime, to solve homicides and robberies and then defund the police so that you have fewer officers on the street,"Jackson declared. "...so on the one hand they say to us, 'we need more homicide detectives.' Ok, fine. 'But you also need to defund the police.' How does that work?"

But Jackson was just getting warmed up:

"Those people who have certain political philosophies, they use the legitimate issue of the oppressed, and in this case black people, to promote their politics, not to assist the oppressed. They just use the oppressed for their own benefit. That's all that its about, and that's Issue 24, and we should vote no."

He wrapped up by directly calling out those behind Issue 24 in language rarely heard from this or any other mayor:

"That's all it is. Tragedy Pimps- that's what they are. They take our tragedy and they pimp it to their own benefit. As if they care. Get outta my face! Get outta my face!"

The debate around Issue 24 is intensifying every day. Jackson's outspoken views are sure to get this issue the attention that has been lacking so far.

Issue 24 has also emerged as the key difference between the mayoral candidates: Kevin Kelley opposes Issue 24, while Justin Bibb supports it.

Listen for yourself to the Jackson comments that are going viral in Cleveland today: