Get Our Playgrounds Open


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, recreational facilities all over the country shut down. It was an understandable move, and it was necessary to reassure the public and keep everyone safe. Included in those shutdown were neighborhood playgrounds maintained by the City of Cleveland.

But in the months that have passed, many suburbs surrounding Cleveland have re-opened their playgrounds. They've done this by hiring playground monitors to insure proper social distancing, and regularly sanitizing the equipment. But here in Cleveland, the playgrounds remain closed.

Recreation is an important part of development for children, both physically and emotionally. It's understandable that money is tight in Cleveland right now, but the City needs to divert resources to get this job done, or challenge the private sector to open at least some of the facilities.

This has been a tough summer for everyone in Cleveland, between the effects of the pandemic and some disturbing violence levels in the city. But maintaining city playgrounds is a basic service that kids just can't do without.