Frank LaRose's Voter Fraud


The job of Secretary of State of Ohio is really pretty straightforward. First, you are the custodian of records for Ohio businesses, such as filing incorporation papers. And secondly, and probably more importantly, you are supposed to preside over Ohio elections, and insure that they are fair, honest, and open to everyone.

It's that last part that Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose is blatantly flouting. Earlier this year, when it became apparent that mail-in voting would be more important than ever given the Covid-19 pandemic, LaRose was asked by multiple counties to allow for multiple ballot drop off boxes. LaRose claimed that he didn't object to the idea, but wasn't sure he was allowed to do so, and would ask fellow Republican Attorney General Dave Yost for a legal opinion on the issue. Then LaRose claimed that Yost was ignoring him, so he had no choice but to prevent counties from having more than one drop box, even though some counties have over a million residents, while others have less then twenty thousand.

When he was taken to court and sued to allow more drop boxes, and the courts at both the state and federal levels said he could allow more drop boxes, he then appealed the rulings to prevent it from happening.

Voters aren't that naive. All over the country, Trump-supporting election officials are opposing multiple drop boxes in big cities, and LaRose is towing the line as usual. It's simple- they want voting to be as inconvenient as possible for working people in urban areas. Multiple drop boxes in cities like Cleveland makes voting easier, so they are opposed to them.

It turns out there is voter fraud in Ohio- and its name is Frank LaRose.