Ethics Scandal Rocks Justin Bibb Campaign

In a stunning turn of events, the Plain Dealer has reported that mayoral candidate Justin Bibb failed to disclose the amount and source of his income to the Ohio Ethics Commission for three years in a row.

The Bibb campaign is now scrambling to provide the Ohio Ethics Commission with financial information that was due years ago, leaving it open to charges of blatant hypocrisy- especially since Bibb has made ethics and transparency a theme of his campaign.

Bibb was a member of the RTA Board of Trustees, which oversees a massive, multi-million dollar budget. The RTA Board was previously embroiled in another scandal when its former chairman was convicted of a felony for illegally obtaining health insurance benefits from RTA.

According to the article, knowingly providing false information on an Ohio Ethics form is a crime punishable with up to six months in jail. But Bibb says it was all just a mistake.

The article goes on to point out the case of Councilman Joe Jones, who omitted financial information from the same type of ethics form in order to conceal a $5,000 bribe that he received from Nate Gray, a crony of former Mayor Mike White, who was bribing elected officials in exchange for help in getting government contracts. Gray went to prison for years, while Jones was given house arrest.

With White now endorsing Bibb, many observers see curious parallels between the two cases.

As of this writing, the Ohio Ethics Commission is beginning a review of the Bibb failure to disclose fiasco. But with election day in less than two weeks, this revelation may spell trouble for a candidate who preached but did not practice transparency.

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