Editorial: Bibb Lives in a Totally Different World than Real Clevelanders

Pictured above, Justin Bibb's totally average Cleveland neighborhood.

The viral video a few weeks ago of Justin Bibb being called out in a black barbershop, a story broken exclusively by Cleveland Neighborhood News, appears to have started a firestorm of doubts.

In that video, which has now been viewed over 20,000 times, a young woman questions why she had never seen or even heard of Bibb before he started campaigning for mayor. She also pointedly asked him "where do you live?" - which, not coincidentally, Bibb never answered.

Now more facts are coming out that are adding fuel to this fire. Bibb’s campaign is leaving out a few details about his background- who he really is and who is behind his campaign:

  • The longest time Bibb appears to have been employed was as a Vice President at Key Bank, a Fortune 500 Corporation. Many of Bibb’s contributors are from the banking community, even as he is telling people “we don’t trust banks, right?”

  • Bibb never discloses that he does not live in an actual Cleveland neighborhood- he resides in the most elite and expensive luxury apartment complex in Cleveland, known as The Lumen, where he parks his Audi sports car in their private, members-only garage.

Will voters care about this? If Bibb had a real record of community involvement, probably not. But it seems to be part of a pattern- a banker with almost no experience, backed by the local media corporation, and living in the most elite building in all of Northeast Ohio. The contrast with Kevin Kelley, who is raising his five daughters with his wife on a typical Cleveland street, could not be more clear.

But whether Cleveland voters will see behind the media manipulation and marketing remains to be seen. Cleveland voters, keep your eyes open!