Campaign Bombshell: Kucinich's Record on Race-baiting Revealed

In what may be a turning point of the 2021 Cleveland Mayor’s campaign, Dennis Kucinich’s long ignored history of race-baiting in his early campaigns has resurfaced as early voting begins.

With the September 14th Primary looming, Dennis Kucinich's controversial use of white racial resentment in his early campaigns is coming under fire. Kucinich’s pattern appeared to be set in his first races for City Council. Repeatedly, Kucinich, who was seeking to represent the then nearly all white area of Tremont, would link his white opponents to black elected officials, such as Carl and Louis Stokes, and George Forbes.

But according to numerous published reports, as detailed in the website, in a 1974 campaign for the U.S. Congress, Kucinich took his race-card playing to a whole different level.

Kucinich was running against a white Democratic incumbent who had sponsored legislation to make Martin Luther King Day a holiday. Kucinich distributed literature in the Parma portion of the district that attacked his opponent for favoring MLK Day. Kucinich knew exactly what he was doing by attacking his opponent on this issue in Parma, which was then a center of white resentment against the civil rights movement.

Trying to win votes of racist whites by exploiting resentment towards Martin Luther King Day is as low as it gets. Kucinich has tried to glide past this outrageous incident, but it was all covered back in the day by numerous publications including the Call & Post, the Plain Dealer, Cleveland Magazine, veteran Cleveland Journalist Roldo Bartimole and more recently, Scene Magazine.

Other white politicians, mostly in the deep South, were using these kinds of racist dog whistles to win votes back then. But the question is, don’t we have higher standards today? What worked in the 1960s and 1970s should no longer work in 2021. Public officials have resigned in disgrace for far lesser incidents of race-baiting, and Kucinich’s actions in this matter disqualify him from any support from Cleveland’s African American community, many of whom are just unaware of his actual history.

This mayoral election is extremely important for the future of the City of Cleveland. So before Clevelanders vote, they have to know the whole story- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dennis Kucinich’s record on racial issues is a very ugly story, but it is a story that must be told.

In past campaigns, Kucinich has tried to ignore or laugh off these stories. But they are impossible to deny, and the website documents each and every incident with citations to respected news publications.