Breaking News- Justin Bibb Caught in Lie About His Job History

Raising more doubts about his background, it has been confirmed that mayoral candidate Justin Bibb repeatedly lied to voters about his work history.

In a candidate forum earlier this year, Bibb claimed that he was “the youngest cabinet member in the first County Executive’s administration.” After making this false claim on video, Bibb doubled down on it and made the exact same claim in an email to his supporters, saying that being the "youngest cabinet member" demonstrated his readiness to serve as mayor.

But recent reporting on Channel 3 - WKYC confirmed that although Bibb had claimed to be the youngest cabinet member, he was, in fact, not a member of the cabinet at all.

According to Cuyahoga County employment records, Bibb, who was 24 years old at the time, was in an entry level position.

We contacted the former County Executive at the time, Ed FitzGerald, and asked him about Bibb’s claim.

“He wasn’t the worst employee we had, I don’t want to criticize him. And I don’t think he would say he was in my cabinet, that was for the top leadership of the county only- like the law director, the finance director, the sheriff, etc.”

But after being played the videotape, FitzGerald said, “Well...I can’t explain that. He, well... no. He was not in the cabinet at all, no. That doesn’t make any sense. He was a kid just out of college, that would be ridiculous.

Bibb only stopped telling this lie after being called out on it by the Channel 3 reporting.

This “Pinocchio moment” comes on the heels of Bibb being criticized for never staying at a job for even 2 years throughout his work history.

Will a candidate being caught red-handed in a lie matter to Cleveland voters with just days to go before the election? We will know on November 2nd!

Check out the video clip where Bibb lies about his job history: