Basheer Jones Video: Why is the System Behind Justin Bibb??

In a fiery speech endorsing Kevin Kelley, Councilman and former mayoral candidate Basheer Jones ripped Justin Bibb as a tool of the establishment, who “came from nowhere but the system has stood behind him."

Jones went on to say that "just because someone looks like you, that doesn't mean they are for you," which drew applause and cheers from the crowd.

Bibb, a former Key Bank Vice President who lives is the most expensive luxury apartment complex in the city, is supported by a number of wealthy donors and the corporate owned major media outlet,

Kevin Kelley and Bibb have both picked up endorsements from both sides of town, but Basheer Jones' endorsement was a surprise to many. But in a previous campaign debate, Jones said that Bibb had “no receipts for any real work done in the community."

In endorsing Kelley, Jones declared that “this race is beyond race, it’s about renaissance and resources” and cited Kelley’s support for black contractors and minority-owned businesses.

Recent polling has shown that this race for mayor is extremely close, and may come down to the wire in November.