Does Cleveland need another news site? Yes.

         Our mission is simple: to provide Cleveland residents with more information from more sources.


          We write some of our own content, scour the web for news items that are relevant to Cleveland, and then post that information on this website and on social media. We don't believe that one corporation or a small group should have a virtual monopoly over local news. In fact, we believe that kind of control represents one of the more undemocratic features of our system.


          We acknowledge that internet-based news isn't perfect; but neither was the old model dominated by wealthy media barons, many of whom do not live- or even visit- the communities whose civic discourse they have shaped and dominated.


          Most of our posts are strictly informational, but on occasion, we will express an opinion on a crucial issue. Our opinion columns are marked as our "Word on the Street" feature. 


          Our democracy depends on an informed citizenry, and informed citizens should have access to diverse points of view with plenty of data. Democracy will succeed or fail based on how seriously citizens take that responsibility.


          If you have any questions or would like to send us information for us to publish, feel free to email us at

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