Corrections Policy

Cleveland Neighborhood News is committed to accuracy in all of our published news articles, including our headlines and captions, and also our social media postings that describe our articles. We will correct all errors, and we encourage our readers to point them out to us without delay.

Examples of items appropriate for correction include:

  • errors of fact

  • misspelling of names

  • improper or missing context

Errors can be reported by emailing us at, or messaging our Facebook page.

Complaints can be anonymous, or you can provide your contact information for follow-up. 

The nature of the correction depends on the type of error. Spelling or grammar errors will be corrected without comment. Factual errors will be corrected in a prominent fashion on our website's front page. The corrections made in this manner will be set off with an editor's note identifying the reason for the correction and when they are made.

Corrections will be made as quickly as possible. We make every effort to check and double-check any of our factual claims, but we are always open to our readers' oversight and input. Your participation will help us maintain our high standards of veracity.